This day started like any other day, waking up before daylight, putting on coffee, and then spending time with the Lord. That’s the way most of my days start now, but it wasn’t always so.

As we say now, back in the day … I and my faithful sidekick, Shadow Spirit (a beautiful white wolfdog) would be up before light and walking in the chilled air of a desert morning, waiting for one of the many glorious sunrises we’ve seen so numerous times before. While we walked the trails Shadow (Spirit) took great pleasure in chasing the rabbits she could never catch while I took the quiet time and solitude to commune with the Lord. As human nature, I was like any other person, I never foresaw these moments coming to an end. Now Shadow has gone on and it’s only me to walk the trails. It wasn’t soon after her passing I stopped all together walking the desert. She had been with us for 17 years and my wife (Sandy) and I miss her very much.

We all need to be more cognizant of changes taking place in our lives every day. Some may not be as dramatic as losing a loved one or a faithful pet but there are changes nevertheless. Look around you, not just your personal life but look at your town, state, country, and world. We’ve all been forced to wear a useless mask, does it work? science says no. All it really does is hide your smile, you know? that’s what we used to give to a friend or a strange we would pass on the street. We don’t shake hands or give hugs either, o’ don’t forget to stay six feet apart. Those changes that have been forced on us have certainly made massive changes in our lives. Our friendly nature has been forced to change whether we like it or not. It’s called forced control. Forced control by who you ask? Who’s making all these rules? I’ll leave those answers to you.

We all know about all the small businesses shutting down, the supply chain in chaos, fuel prices going through the roof, and being invaded across uncontrolled borders. Don’t forget a government whose agenda is to destroy our way of life, turning Americans against Americans over a shot that doesn’t work.

I forgot one other thing that’s failing in greater numbers than ever before, Churches … small Ministries. More churches closed last year in the United States than ever before. That doesn’t include traveling evangelists or small local outreaches. Spreading the word has taken the backseat to covid fear … I wonder what God thinks of that? Again I’ll leave you to come up with your own answer. You might want to start with what God says about fear … it’s in your bible, you know, that dusty old book on the shelf in your closet?

The only income these ministries have is the love offering given to help support the spread of the gospel where large ministries, for whatever reason fail to reach. Many travel ministries live from hand to mouth, many times giving what little they have to help out others. You might say these people are on the front lines of the battle with very little support doing what God’s word says, delivering the gospel message no matter the sacrifices.

Does that sound fair? Of course not, but it’s the way it is.

Love offerings are just what it says, it’s a love offering. If a ministry is doing God’s work and you recognized it as a vital part of doing God’s work and you’re capable of helping them … why haven’t you? I’m not just talking financial, how about a word of encouragement? O’ wait a minute, I forgot you’re busy with your Facebook and Twitter account, you don’t have time to read these silly blogs much less send an encouraging word if you do that, What’s next? these people will be expecting financial support. How could you do that, you might have to cut out one of your morning coffees at Starbucks.

Wait! you say what I’m writing isn’t fair? It doesn’t describe you. 

That makes me very happy to know. I pray you will continue to support whatever small ministry God has put on your heart, they are truly blessed.

God knows your heart, as you read this message He knows what you’re thinking this very minute. He knows ALL the changes coming in your life and mine, some good some bad, it’s inevitable but the good news is God never changes (Hebrews 13:6) if you go on and read down to verse 8 you’ll see He’ll never leave you or forsake you either. Isn’t that great news? His Grace and mercy will see ALL of us believers through ALL the changes as long as we keep the faith His forgiveness abounds and His comfort and peace WILL surround us. 

Conviction is God nudging your heart, if He didn’t love you so much He wouldn’t do it. What you do with it is your choice, it always has been.

Until we talk again may God’s peace and love follow you all the days of your life.

Semper Fidelis 


My Prayer for you:           


I am so thankful you never change and you are always there. In the days surrounding us, we need you more than ever and I pray more and more eyes are opened and hearts are willing to receive your Son, Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Lord, I pray for a worldwide revival and the unjust be reviled. I ask forgiveness for myself and strength to do better and work harder for your Kingdom.

I pray for an end to this plague that circumvents the world and is being used for political power and control. I pray for answers and an end sooner than later. I pray for the miracle-working of your hand to intervene.

In The Precious Name of Jesus, I pray,


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