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Dusty and Sandy Guy

Singing That Music and Telling Those Stories…

“I will praise the LORD as long as I live. I will sing praises to my God, even with my dying breath.”  Psalm 146:2.

Dusty and Sandy Guy will touch your heart with songs and stories that connect withlogo

people of all ages in a positive, loving way.  They are available for;
church concerts, retreats, RV  Parks, rest homes, fundraisers, theme parks, or any other venue where a song or a well-told story can brighten the day.

Martin Luther once said, “Music is the second form of prayer.”  So GET READY for a lot of praying.  Dusty sings as, unto the Lord, he will bless you and your family for days to come.  His testimony and stories of Alaska will bring tears and laughter, but most of all you’ll leave praising Jesus.

Here is just a sample of the music Dusty and Sandy bring for your enjoyment.  From the “Just Find Jesus” album, here is the title song “Just Find Jesus”.  Play the entire album here!

Play 1. Just Find Jesus

Dusty and Sandy are great for church concerts, retreats, RV Parks, rest homes, fundraisers, theme parks or any other venue where a song can brighten the day.

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