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As my precious wife and I travel around America trying to bring hope to a nation through the love and word of Jesus Christ I see people, Americans giving up. I guess what Abe Lincoln said, and I paraphrase, … our country would be defeated from within. Well, what’s it look like to you?

It’s time to stand up and come together!

Look around you, our government is the chief source of racial discrimination. They’re the ones promoting Black Live Matter (a homegrown terrorist organization) and Antifa, another homegrown terrorist group. Both groups are running wild in our major cities immune to punishment. Now if that’s not enough what about the division they’re trying to put between the American people, you, and me over this covid vaccination farse. If the vaccination really works how is an unvaccinated person going to infect a person who has been vaccinated? Really it’s not rocket science. Actually, it’s explained in one word CONTROL and we the people have lost it to the most corrupt government in our history. Since this last election, our country has been spiraling down at an alarming rate. Some Americans believe we’ll never recover … Really?

Where’s the fight this great country was found with? We, the people need to stand up, not lay down and give in. Our children have been brainwashed, some of our churches have gone lukewarm trying to be politically correct instead of biblically correct. We have some leaders, not all, who are traitors to our nation. Everyone knows in their hearts whether they want to admit it or not, the last presidential election was a travesty. 

Well, how do we get back on track? It starts by becoming united once again! sound simple … it isn’t. It starts by putting God in your Life … I hear you, … “O’ no he’s going to start preaching.” Well without Him how’s it been working so far? The politically correct have thrown the Lord out of just about every public venue. Next, we need to take back our schools and our children. The anti-American rhetoric and political brainwashing MUST stop. Start loving one another as Christ loved the Church. (the church means the people, your neighbors) Hey, that sounds like something out of the bible. Use your own intellect and do some research yourself instead of believing the mainstream media, they’re bought and paid for. Try praying as a family, find a bible believing church, … who knows you might find your best friend there.

Pick up a bible, I recommend the New American Standard, but any Holy Bible will do, and read it. not the whole thing at once. Try the book of John after some of that skip over to Psalm,  Psalm 95 would be a great place to start. see if America fits in there? Sounds like a government we know… We pray that passage over our country every morning, if you like, please be in agreement with us.

These are just a few suggestions from a humble preacher, who knows? they might work.

What I do know is Giving in and laying down is a cowardly way out, this country wasn’t founded by cowards. Our forefathers were brave men standing against tremendous odds and they were successful, Rember … “ONE NATION UNDER GOD WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL” … it’s our turn! STAND AND MAKE THEM PROUD …

Until we get together again, stay safe and be blessed!

My Prayer for you: 

My precious, heavenly Father,

How much we need you now. I think of our forefathers on their knees praying to you for guidance and you saw them through to berth a nation on your principles. I fear if we don’t turn and repent all will be lost and that just can’t happen. Lord, I ask that you reveal the evil in our government and bring the perpetrators to true justice. Lord, I pray for a great revival not only in America but throughout the world. I pray for miracles to start happening that will undeniably be accredited to you and hearts will be changed.

Father, I pray for the sick and suffering, and the ones on our ever-growing prayer list.

They all need you, they need your grace and mercy, just as I and everyone else needs your forgiveness of our sins. O’ Father, please hear our prayers. We thank you and give you all the praise and glory for all you’ve done and will do …

In the precious name of Jesus … AMEN