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The Land Flowing with Milk and Honey… or The Land of the Giants

On July 25th a few minutes past 11:00 AM our brother(Pastor) and friend left on the greatest adventure of all … he went home to be with Jesus. After a month-long courageous battle, his heart gave out.

I thought it would be appropriate to bring forward his last message he wanted all believers and non-believers a like to read and take to heart. I know he loved all of you.

In November, when the visitors return, we will be having a celebration of life in his honor, the exact time and place will be announced later.

Peace to all … Keep Looking Up!


This is my first post, but I believe it is one that needs to be written for these uncertain times.

In the book of Numbers, chapters 13 and 14 we read about the children of Israel being given the land of Canaan, as promised by God. Moses was to choose one man from each tribe to spy out the land and bring back a report. (Numbers 13:17-21).

After 40 days, the men returned and gave a report on what they had found. They brought back fruit to show the congregation of Israel the bounty of the land. (Numbers 13:23). They even reported that the land flowed with milk and honey (Numbers 13:27), just as God had promised. Ten of the spies reported that the land also was inhabited by very strong people, with large fortified cities. There were also descendants of Anak. The Anakim/Anakites were a formidable race of giant, warlike people (Deuteronomy 2:10, 21; 9:2), who occupied the lands of southern Israel, near Hebron, before the arrival of the Israelites (Joshua 15:13). The Anakim’s ancestry has been traced back to Anak, who at that time was regarded as the “greatest man among the Anakim” (Joshua 14:15).

The two remaining spies, Joshua and Caleb confirmed what the others had seen. However, they were confident that God would deliver the land into the Israelites hands (Numbers 14:6-9).

The Israelites were encouraged by Moses not to fear the Anakim (Deuteronomy 1:29-30), but they refused to trust God’s promises (Deuteronomy 1:32-33). As a result, God became angry (Deuteronomy 1:34-35) and prohibited the “evil generation” from entering the Promised Land; Joshua and Caleb were the only exceptions, plus those who had no knowledge of good and evil (Deuteronomy 1:36-39). Because of their fear of the Anakim, and their rebellion against God, the children of Israel were forced to wander for another 38 years in the wilderness.

During the conquest of Canaan, Joshua expelled the Anakim from the hill country, and Caleb finally drove them out of Hebron completely. However, a small remnant found refuge in the cities of Gaza, Gath, and Ashdod (Joshua 11:22). Many Bible scholars speculate that the Anakim’s descendants were the Philistine giants David encountered (2 Samuel 21:15-22), including Goliath of Gath (1 Samuel 17:4-7).

God has given us another future “promised land” – Heaven. Jesus declared that no one comes to the Father, but through Him. (John 14:6). Through obedience and not rebellion, we can have that promise fulfilled in our lives. Just like many of the Israelites of old, everyone has a choice to make. You can live your life your way, and suffer the consequences, or enter into the Promised Land. How can you make the choice to enter the “Promised Land”? Follow what it says in Romans 10:9-10.

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Good mornings my friends, I came across this list a while back and thought it was very concise and to the point, no bark, just meat.

If only everyone could read it and then apply it to their lives.

* The most destructive habit: Worry
* The greatest Joy: Giving
* The greatest loss: Loss of self-respect
* The most satisfying work: Helping others
* The ugliest personality trait: Selfishness
* The most endangered species: Dedicated leaders
* Our greatest natural resource: Our youth
* The greatest “shot in the arm”: Encouragement
* The greatest problem to overcome: Fear
* The most effective sleeping pill: Peace of mind
* The most crippling failure disease: Excuses
* The most powerful force in life: Love
* The most dangerous pariah: A gossiper
* The world’s most incredible computer: The brain
* The worst thing to be without: Hope
* The deadliest weapon: The tongue
* The two most power-filled words: “I Can”
* The greatest asset: FAITH
* The most worthless emotion: Self-pity
* The most beautiful attire: SMILE!
* The most prized possession: Integrity
* The most powerful channel of communication:  prayer                                    * The most contagious spirit: Enthusiasm
* The most important thing in life: GOD



My prayer for you : 

Heavenly Father, this day starts another work week and I pray people everywhere are getting back to work so they can take care of their families.

Lord protect them from ALL sicknesses and Lord we ask healing for those in need.

We pray for our nation healing, for the violence to stop and for us to become one.

Father, I pray your people will read this list and take it to heart, “all lives matter, and all souls count …

Thank you, Jesus, for dying on the cross and taking our sins, without you we would be truly lost. Let us be more like you every day …

In your precious name, we pray



What’s Next ….?


What’s next? Am I the only one realizing we are under siege?

Last week, the media said the President was hiding in the White House, calling him “bunker boy”. Unbelievable disrespect.

When he leaves the White House, they call it phony and criticize the methods used to secure his safety… He’s the President! These people aren’t peaceful; they’re throwing bricks, killing police and innocent people are being brutely beaten.

His critics say he isn’t even a Christian. He says he is, that he confessed Jesus as his Lord. That puts that confession between him and Jesus, not anyone else. Only God knows for sure, just as yours, mine,or anybody else’s confession of belief is ultimately only between God and the confessor.

Some so-called believers are as far from God as the confessing atheist. They confess with their mouth; play the part when someone is watching and then do the opposite when no one is around.  They show fear and paranoia, not faith… faith is the opposite of fear.

God loves His children and wants all to come to Him (2 Peter 3:9). Being born again is a must (John 14:6). By receiving Jesus into your heart, you become an heir of God and all the promises in the Bible. You are under His protection… Have faith in Jesus Christ.

This doesn’t mean things won’t happen to you. Remember we are in the world (Ephesians 6:12).

The violence going on today isn’t to honor Mr. Floyd. It’s just an excuse for misbehavior… sin. What happened to him was definitely wrong. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t a criminal. Has anyone looked at his background? … Thug, thief, and involved in counterfeiting? He was being arrested legally, however, the way he was being restrained was what was illegal. Now, he’s being eulogized as a good community-serving man and using his name as an excuse for “insurrection”. Yes, insurrection.

We are a country of law… to be equally applied to “all”. There is no race discrimination in our constitution… it doesn’t exist. We are all created in God’s image.

President Lincoln said, and I paraphrase, “Our country’s destruction will come from within…”  Hmmm… insight or divine inspiration?

Look around my brothers and sisters… Random rioting or insurrection?

Pray, my friends, without ceasing (1 Thessalonian 5:17). Pray.

Without God, I feel our country is lost. When we have people running for office that would change the fabric of our country, driving us further from God and His covering, we are in trouble. Listen carefully to what is being said by the people running for office. Do they follow God’s laws or the one they want to make; the ones that will allow sin against Him?

I implore you to search your heart. What is your belief? Follow God or follow a liberal way of life?… It’s impossible to do both! (Matthew 6:24)

My Prayer:

Oh, Father, what a mess our land is in. Why You allow it, only You know.

I do believe in Your Word, that all things work together for good (Romans 8:28)… Have mercy on our land; on the innocent.

Protect those following You, Lord. Protect the dedicated first responders, the people called to duty even though they put themselves in harm’s way.

Lord comfort those that have already lost loved ones, property, and their way of life.

Father touch the lost; show Yourself to them; change their hearts.

I pray in Your precious name, Jesus Christ,


I love you all in Christ. Stay safe…


Keep on Singing …



I don’t know how many times in front of audiences I’ve quoted Martin Luther, the founder of the modern day church of saying “Music is the second form of prayer.”

I can remember being a little boy and walking through a dark woods on the way home and thought I was going to be ate  by a bear or some other creature waiting for me to pass. I would usually break out singing to myself or whistling, trying to show I wasn’t afraid. I guess you could say those were the days I started my singing career as a matter of fact, I believe there has been times when I had audiences just as small as then…..

It has always humbles me when people come to listen to my music and share the love we have for the beauty God has given us in music. A song can set your heart to fluttering or your blood to racing. It can cause you to experience the full range of emotions, from the highest peaks to the lowest valleys… all brought on by a song.

It never fails to amaze me when the Lord changes a song in the middle of a concert that I hadn’t rehearsed and most generally hadn’t sung in a while. I teach obeying is a very important part of a Christians walk with the Lord so I always complied. You ask … how has that worked for me? Well I’ll use that word again … amazing… The Lord knows exactly what someone in the audience needs to hear and I feel very blessed when He uses me to give that certain someone His message in a song. Inevitably that very person always comes up after the program to tell me the song really touched their heart and they were sure it was meant just for them.

Being in the gospel music ministry the bible verse (2 Timothy 4:2)about being ready in season and out brought out a whole new meaning to that passage.

I hope during these stressful times you will allow God to minister to you in song. Take the time to sit and listen, sing along if you like, get into the words, it might be just the message He has for you, and you will know that He is GOD.

My latest CD is on this site free for the listening, if  you like it … enjoy,  if you don’t … no offence taken. Just look around until you find something you can enjoy. Relax and sooth your spirit …

Let me know if there is anything we can do for you and of course after things get back to normal we’d love to come to your venue and do a program for you and your friends. … it’s free! just contact us at my email; or go to our main page; On The Road for and follow the steps there.

My prayer for you:       

Precious Lord, give my brothers and sister a real peace and still their hearts of fear, let them know you are God and are always with them.

Put a song in their heart and a new hope in their spirit that this to shall pass.

Protect your children from this virus and all the after effects as time goes by. In this hour of need may we draw closer to you and feel the mighty comfort of your loving arms.

In Jesus name, the name above all names we pray